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Many of you enthusiasts have too little information about Easter Island and would like to find out exactly what to visit, where it is and how to get there... We will help you plan your trip to the enigmatic island. Use our travel guide, it's free & easy!

Trip planning advice

To make your life better as a visitor of Rapa Nui, we have put together a little article about getting there, visiting the place, the main costs and so on.

It's fairly easy to plan a trip to the island, but make sure you check our article first!

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Travel to Easter Island, visit the main attractions!

Top attractions of Rapa Nui

We have put together a list of 14 most important places to visit. Beaches, archaeological sites, volcano craters & more!

If you are passionate about photography, then this exotic island is a great place to hunt for interesting locations, targets, lights and so on...

Access this article to see the list of places with several important things mentioned about each place. By clicking on the names in the list, you will get beamed to the article about the respective location in order to find more information!

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Hanga Roa, the capital of Easter Island

Hanga Roa town

It is rather the size of a village with over 3.000 inhabitants, but Hanga Roa is considered to be a town. It is the capital of Easter Island (locally known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pasqua in Spanish).

Every week thousands of tourists flock to the great international airport located just a short walk away from the nearest buildings.

When arriving on the island, you will find accommodation here in Hanga Roa and then it's either hiking, biking, driving on your own or with an organized tour agency. There's plenty to see on the island!

We hope our article will give you useful info about the town!

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Events to attend

There is more to Easter Island than just the moai and the beautiful landscapes!

Interesting ceremonies, Polynesian dance performances, strength competitions take place. These are the times when most tourists come to the island and our article is dedicated to this subject!

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Travel services

Flights, hotels and other services must be carefully-researched and then well-picked, because this little strip of land is very remote. It's extremely important to do thorough research before booking.

Let's see what choices you have...

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Easter Island locator tool


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Full detailed map of Easter Island


Our map will be of great use for travelers wanting to explore the island. By clicking on the image below, you can access it:






Why travel to Easter Island?


Regardless of your age, you can enjoy a unique travel experience on the tiny triangular land of the moai monoliths, far far away in the South Pacific...

Hike, take guided tours to archaeological sites, go off-road biking, see festivals, swim & more! 

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