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Ahu Tahai

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Ahu Tahai - moai site

A small moai complex north of the capital. You can get there on foot easily.

It is believed that Ahu Tahai is one of the oldest ancient statue sites on Rapa Nui.

The restoration work was done by William Mulloy in 1974.

Actually there are 3 ahu sites here which constitute the complex: Ko Te Riku, Vai Ure/Uri, Tahai.

The complex was restored by archaeologist William Mulloy between 1968 and 1970. His tomb is located close to this site.




Ahu Ko Te Riku

A beautiful single statue placed on a platform. The statue is in good condition and in place. Wears a pukao and has beautiful white eyeballs with dark pupils.

Ahu Vai Ure

Ahu Vai Ure

Sometimes called Ahu Vai Uri or Ahu Vai A Ure/Ahu Vai A Uri.

This is a single ahu with 5 statues, out of which only 1 is mostly intact, the others are severely damaged. One of the 5 moai statues is headless and can barely be recognized.









Ahu Tahai

A single large moai, slightly eroded, but mostly intact with no pukao on his head.

Remember, Tahai is also the name of this complex, not just this ahu.

Location on the map

Ahu Tahai on Easter Island

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